Spirals jewelry and sculptures of Jose Villa

Since 2008, Villa's spirals series have recreated unusual lines and geometric figures that sometimes are angular, carved or  ruptured  lines, always  traveling through roads that show obsession for the itinerary, for the continuous  route, by matter and void, by light and shadows. A unique collection of jewelry that include pendants and silver, gold and bronze rings will be soon exhibited jointly with the sculptures that inspired them.
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Alicia Alonso’s sculpture for the Gran Teatro de La Habana

Proyecto de escultura de Alicia Alonso
Currently the project is a figurative bronze sculpture of Alicia Alonso in Giselle's first act, a well-known and relevant ballet in the career of this Cuban artist. The sculpture will be located at the stair landing of the front entrance of the theater, allowing the public to appreciate it from all angles. The images were selected from the archives of the Museo Nacional de la Danza for their sculptural expression and integration with the emblematic theater.
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ARCADA, will be placed at the Historic Center of Camaguey

Arcada, the sculpture that will be placed at Plaza de Trabajadores of the Historic Center of Camaguey is a piece of geometric abstraction whose spiral maintains the conductive theme series in which the author has been working for the last years. In this opportunity it works appropriately as a symbol of the journey between the past and the present, evoking the relations between the old and the contemporary city. It was accomplished in steel corten, and with dimensions of 259 x 420 x 287 CM. This is a proposal conceived with a sculptural contemporary expression that will dialogue with the strong existing surroundings, declared as World Heritage Site.  
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